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Dnot tak oth mdicins unlss thy hav bn discussd with you docto. This includs psciption nonpsciption (ov-th-count [OTC]) mdicins and hbal vitamin supplmnts.

Busing th inhal th ist tim, you hav tpim it. 4 Tpim th inhal, shak it iv sconds. Tun th inhal away om you and pss th canist down, lasing on pu intth ai. Shak and spay you inhal th mtims. You hav tpim it again i you hav not usd th inhal ou wks hav doppd it. In this cas, shak iv sconds and spay th inhal; pat on mtim.

Th amount mdicin that you tak dpnds on th stngth th mdicin. Also, th numb doss you tak ach day, th tim allowd btwn doss, and th lngth tim you tak th mdicin dpnd on th mdical poblm which you a using th mdicin.

Ad th Patint Inomation that coms with you inhal complt instuctions. Th inhal is bst usd at oom tmpatu. You can us a spac valvd holding chamb with a mtd dos inhal. Ths dvics hlp th mdications tgt intyou lungs.

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