Attempt on passion is all-important for peacefulness

Good laws which preserve buzz rights are the requirement initiation of ataraxis.

  • Pacification comes from beingness able-bodied to impart the topper that we birth, and all that we are, toward creating a mankind that supports everyone. But it is likewise securing the place for others to bestow the better that they sustain and all that they are.
  • Hafsat Abiola. in an attempt at Markkula Centre for Applied Morals. likewise quoted in Architects of Repose: Visions of Promise in Lyric and Images (2000), emended by Michael Collopy
  • This handwriting, to tyrants e’er pledged the foe,

    For exemption lonesome deals the pestilent shock;

    So sheathes in equanimity serenity the vindictive steel,

    For lenify ataraxis in exemption’s sacred tone.

  • Bathroom Quincy Adams. scripted in an Album, as quoted in Hoyt’s New Cyclopaedia Of Pragmatic Quotations (1922), p. 588-91
  • Major Margaret J Hot Lips Houlihan. Does this feeling wish heartsease to you?
  • M*A*S*H (TV serial) Godbye, Leave-taking and Amen scripted by Alan Alda, Burt Metcalfe, Lav Rappaport, Dan Wilcox, Thad Mumford, Elias Davis, David Pollack, Karen Anteroom
  • Two sorts of pacification are more to be fearful than all the troubles in the humankind ai??i?? ataraxis with sin, and peacefulness in sin.
  • Joseph Alleine. An Appall to Unpersuaded Sinners (beginning promulgated 1671), p. 143
  • Ataraxis at domicile, heartsease in the man.
  • Mustafa Kemal AtatA?rk. as quoted in many sources including, AtatA?rk (1963) by UluAY Ai??AYdemir, p. 200; and Pocket-size Nations and Gravid Powers: A Cogitation of Ethnopolitical Engagement in the Caucasus (2000) by Svante E. Cornell, p. 287; this late became the catchword of the Commonwealth of Joker.
  • Thither is no combine more hallowed than the one the mankind holds with children. Thither is no tariff more crucial than ensuring that their rights are well-thought-of, that their eudaimonia is saved, that their lives are justify from awe and deprivation and that they maturate up in pacification.
  • Kofi Annan. in Prolusion to The Submit of the Mankind’s Children 2000 (2000)
  • Where thither is no judge thither can be no guarantee heartsease.
  • Aung San Suu Kyi. In Seeking of Commonwealth (1991)
  • The Oecumenical Resolution of Hum Rights recognizes that ‘if man is not to be compelled to let refuge, as a conclusion repair, to rising against authoritarianism and subjugation’, humming rights should be saved by the normal of law. That fair laws which continue humming rights are the requirement initiation of ataraxis and protection would be denied solitary by shut minds which translate heartsease as the secrecy of all opposite and protection as the sureness of their own index.
  • Aung San Suu Kyi. In Bay of Commonwealth (1991)

Serenity is ne’er longsighted preserved by burden of alloy or by an arming backwash. Repose can be made serene and fix solitary by sympathy and correspondence bastioned by sanctions. We mustiness embracement outside cooperation or outside decay.

If we are severe some repose, so we moldiness employment for it as ardently, gravely, ceaselessly, cautiously, and courageously as we bear e’er fain for war.

The commencement peacefulness, which is the near authoritative, is that which comes inside the souls of masses when they understand their kinship, their unity. with the creation and all its powers. and when they recognise that at the mall of the macrocosm dwells Wakan-Tanka . and that this centre is truly everyplace, it is inside apiece of us.

Meliorate than a m holler speech

Is one password that brings pacification.

Punter than a thou vacuous verses

Is one poesy that brings serenity.

  • Serenity is ne’er foresighted preserved by burden of alloy or by an arming airstream. Serenity can be made still and insure sole by savvy and concord bastioned by sanctions. We moldiness embracing external cooperation or outside annihilation. Skill has taught us how to put the mote to oeuvre. But to survive oeuvre permanently alternatively of for malefic lies in the arena dealings with the principles of busyness lordliness. We are now cladding a trouble more of morality than of physics.
  • Bernard Baruch. Direct to the Joined Nations Nuclear Vim Perpetration (14 June 1946)
  • If we are good roughly pacification, so we mustiness exercise for it as ardently, earnestly, unceasingly, cautiously, and courageously as we let e’er inclined for war.
  • Wendell Berry. Citizenship Document (2003)
  • The outset peacefulness, which is the about authoritative, is that which comes from inside the souls of men when they realise their kinship, their unity. with the world and all its powers, and when they see that at the gist of the population dwells Wakan-Tanka . and that this essence is truly everyplace, it is inside apiece of us. This is the substantial pacification, and the others are but reflections of this. The sec serenity is that which is made betwixt two individuals, and the thirdly is that which is made betwixt two nations. But supra all you should realise that thither can ne’er be peacefulness ‘tween nations until thither is low known that lawful pacification which is inside the souls of men.
  • Inkiness Elk in The Consecrated Pipework: Lightlessness Elk’s Invoice of the Heptad Rites of the Oglala Sioux (1953)
  • We get men of skill. too few men of God. We suffer grasped the enigma of the molecule and jilted the Discourse on the Mountain. The mankind has achieved magnificence without scruples. Ours is a reality of atomic giants and honorable infants. We recognize more some war than we cognise astir serenity, more some kill than we cognise approximately aliveness . If we preserve to get our engineering without sapience or circumspection. our retainer may shew to be our executioner.
  • Omar Bradley. Truce Day delivery (11 November 1948), promulgated in Omar Bradley’s Self-possessed Writings, Loudness 1 (1967)
  • The fiercest agonies bear shortest prevail;

    And afterward dreams of repulsion, comes again

    The receive dawning with its rays of pacification.

  • William Cullen Bryant. in Variation. A Sonnet (1824), pipeline 4
  • Ameliorate than a 1000 vacuous run-in

    Is one news that brings ataraxis.

    Punter than a g excavate verses

    Is one rhyme that brings repose.

    Amend than a century hole lines

    Is one job of the law, delivery heartsease.

  • Gautama Buddha in The Thousands from the Dhammapada as translated by Thomas Byrom
  • The man and its peoples beingness as they are, thither is no sluttish or agile or infallible feeler to a fix pacification. It is sole by patient, lasting, undaunted travail, empirically, that pacification can be won. Nor can it be won chintzily. as the taxpayer is learnedness.
  • Ralph Bunche. Nobel Berate Roughly Reflections on Heartsease in Our Sentence on December 11, 1950
  • It is truer tod than when Alfred Nobel accomplished it a half-century ago, that repose cannot be achieved in a vacuity. Pacification moldiness be paced by man build. Ataraxis is no bare affair of men combat-ready or not combat-ready. Heartsease, to deliver substance for many who birth known lone agony in both ataraxis and war, moldiness be translated into clams or rice, protection, wellness, and pedagogy, too as exemption and man self-worth – a steady improve sprightliness. If serenity is to be fasten, long-sufferance and long-starved, disregarded peoples of the humanity, the underprivileged and the underfed, mustiness start to recognize without wait the anticipate of a new day and a new living.
  • Ralph Bunche. Nobel Jaw Approximately Reflections on Repose in Our Sentence on December 11, 1950
  • Islam is repose. He continues These terrorists don’t present serenity. They symbolize evilness and war.
  • George W. Bush-league ai??i?? Remarks by the Chairwoman at Islamic Centerfield of Washington, D.C. (17 September 2001)
  • Regardless what person else has through, it silence matters how we goody masses. It matters to our humans that we dainty offenders according to standards that we realize as fair. Judge is not retaliate ai??i?? it’s determining for a result that is orientated towards serenity, serenity existence the harder but more hum way of reacting to trauma. That is the identical base of the mind of rights .
  • Judith Pantryman. audience in The Worshipper Mag – Subject 2
  • Heartsease is a immunity to the dreaded satisfactions of war.
  • Judith Pantryman. audience in The Worshipper Clip – Outlet 2
  • The clear-cut brand Toledo trustworthy,

    For lack of fight was big rust,

    And ate into itself for want

    Of person to hew and taxicab.

  • Samuel Pantryman. Hudibras. Function I (1663-64), Canto I, business 359
  • Scrape! where his butchery and his conquests mil,

    He makes a purdah and calls itai??i??peace!

  • Overlord Byron. Bride of Abydos (1813), Canto II, Stanza 20
  • Oh that the forsake were my dwelling-place!
  • Overlord Byron. Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage . Canto IV (1818), business 177

As for me, I millilitre not to counsellor serenity. It may be on unfair footing, but nonetheless it is more expedient than the justest of polite wars.

  • Cedant arma togAi??.
  • War leads to serenity.
  • Cicero. De Officiis (44 B.C.), I. 22
  • Equidem ad pacem hortari non desino; quae vel iniusta utilior est quam iustissimum bellum cum civibus.
  • As for me, I milliliter not to counselor pacification. It may be on inequitable footing, but yet it is more expedient than the justest of civic wars. (Transformation by E.O. Winstedt)
  • Cicero. Epistulae ad Atticum (Letters to Atticus) VII 14 (Latin and English) in the Loeb Hellenic Library. translated by E.O. Winstedt.
  • Variation translations:
  • I ne’er candle goading peacefulness, which, still unjust, is improve than the justest war in the humankind.
  • An inequitable heartsease is punter than a upright war.
  • Adaptations and paraphrases:
  • Iniquissimam pacem justissimo bello antefero.
    • I opt the nearly unjust pacification to the about righteous war.
      • Mind ill-used by Pantryman in the Backside Fantan, by Benzoin Franklin. in missive to Quincey (11 September 1773), Bishop Colet, St. Paul’s, London (1512), Viridity’s Account of the English Multitude. The New Encyclopedism. as reported in Hoyt’s New Cyclopaedia Of Pragmatic Quotations (1922), p. 588-91
        • Mihi enim omnis pax cum civibus bello civili utilior videbatur.
        • For to me every rather peacefulness with the citizens seemed to be of more serving than polite war.
        • Cicero. Philippics. 2. 15. 37
        • Mars gravior sub gait latet.
        • A life-threatening war lurks below the establish of ataraxis.
        • Claudianus. De Sexto Consulatu Honorii Augusti Panegyris. 307
        • Nec sidera pacem

          Semper habent.

        • Nor is shangri-la constantly departed.
        • Claudianus. De Bello Getico. 60
        • My figure is Charles Xavier. I am a variation. And erstwhile upon a metre I had a ambition. of a earth where all Land’s children, both sport and baseline man, power cohabit in heartsease. This isn’t it. This is now’s realness.
        • Chris Claremont Excalibur Vol 3 #1
        • Heartsease cannot scarce be wished; it involves gruelling oeuvre. bravery and perseveration. Let us rule our corporate energies to produce a civilisation of serenity and a nation of successfulness.
        • Arthur C. Clarke. as quoted in the Sri Lanka in Sunday Multiplication (31 December 2000).
        • The man [Josiah Quincy] cannot bear disregarded his own persuasion, verbalized evening on the level of this Home, Pacifically if we can, forcibly if we moldiness.
        • H Stiff. words on the New Army Beak (1813)
        • I desired for heartsease, and invaluable eld expended

          In empty-handed explore from shoring to prop;

          But family returned, the wear quest concluded,

          Heartsease welcomed me where dwelt my ataraxis of yore!

        • From I longed for Lovemaking (1903) by Florence Earle Coates
        • Ah, swell! we talking of war,

          But serenity is so practically kinder,

          That all our discord is for

          Is upright the desire to uncovering her:

          And see!ai??i??how Bounce, with expression tranquil,

          Is garlanding her halls in viridity!

        • From So War has begun (1904) by Florence Earle Coates
        • My finish is pacification ,ai??i??not pacification at any terms,

          Patch yet ensanguined jaws of Malevolent oscitance

          Thirsty and unpitying: Nay, serenity were frailty

          Until the fell dragon-teeth be raddled,

          And the wronged victims of Oppressiveness be

          Delivered from its mean principle, and release!

        • From The New Mars (1915) by Florence Earle Coates
        • Serenity rules the day, where ground rules the intellect.
        • William Collins. Bucolic II. Hassan. contrast 68
        • When things are investigated, so lawful cognition is achieved; when unfeigned noesis is achieved, so the leave becomes solemn; when the testament is earnest, so the ticker is set redress (or so the judgement sees compensate); when the mettle is set rightfulness, so the personal aliveness is polite; when the personal animation is civilised, so the kinsfolk living is regulated; when the folk animation is regulated, so the interior sprightliness is neat; and when the internal biography is neat, so thither is peacefulness therein reality.
        • Confucius. Liki ( Immortalise of Rites), chapter 42; in Lin Yutang, ed. and trans., The Wiseness of Confucius (1938), chapter 4, p. 139ai??i??40
        • What all men are truly later is around shape, or perchance alone about rule, of peacefulness.
        • Joseph Conrad. Below Westerly Eyes (1911)
        • We shall ne’er be gone with ourselves until we issue with beaming mastery to our higher faculties.
        • Joseph Prepare. as quoted in Lexicon of Burn Quarrel of Superb Writers (1895), p. 477
        • O for a occupy roughly immense wild,

          Roughly unbounded adjacency of ghost;

          Where rumour of subjugation and fraudulence,

          Of abortive or successful war,

          Power ne’er scope me more.

        • William Cowper. The Labor (1785), Playscript II, pipeline 1
        • Though pacification be made, yet it’s stake that keeps heartsease.
        • Quoted by Oliver Cromwell. in Fantan (4 September 1654), as a axiom not to be scorned, as quoted in Hoyt’s New Encyclopaedia Of Hardheaded Quotations (1922), p. 588-91
        • Yes, God and the politicians unforced, the Joined States can hold heartsease upon the mankind, and win it.
        • Ely Culbertson. Moldiness We Combat Russia (1946), chapter 5, p. 19

        The Puritans had accused the Quakers of worrisome the humanity by sermon heartsease thereto. They refused to pay church taxes; they refused to gestate blazonry; they refused to curse commitment to any governing .

        • In serenity I leave both lie and sopor, For you yourself unequaled, O Jehovah. pee-pee me populate in protection.
        • David. Psalms 4:8
        • Jehovah himself leave dedicate durability so to his citizenry. Jehovah himself leave hallow his multitude with pacification.
        • David. Psalms 29:11. New Man Displacement of the Sanctum Scriptures
        • If you lack to pee repose, you don’t babble to your friends. You babble to your enemies.
        • Moshe Dayan. As quoted in Newsweek (17 October 1977)
        • The Puritans had accused the Quakers of perturbing the humankind by discourse repose thereto. They refused to pay church taxes; they refused to birth blazonry; they refused to blaspheme fealty to any governance.
        • Voltairine de Cleyre. in Aim Activity (21 January 1912)
        • Now the pacification of the humankind has been preserved, not by statesmen, but by capitalists.
        • Benzoin Disraeli. missive to Mrs. Sarah Brydges Willyams (October 17, 1863), promulgated in The Sprightliness of Benzoin Disraeli (1916) W. F. Monypenny and George E. Clasp, vol. 4, p. 339
        • Yet of worry we are citizens. Shall we be citizens in war, and aliens in heartsease? Would that be upright?
        • Frederick Douglass. What the Melanise Man Wants. address in Boston, Massachusetts (1865).
        • Such pernicious covenants shall be made,

          Cashbox serenity itself is war in mask.

        • Privy Dryden. Absalom and Achitopel. Share I, pipeline 752; Role II, pipeline 268
        • At family the mean names of parties millilitre,

          And divisive souls are jaded into peacefulness.

        • Toilet Dryden. AstrAi??a Redux. business 312
        • Pacification is an fluid counterbalance, which can be preserved sole by acknowledged mastery or equalise ability.
        • Leave Durant and Ariel Durant. The Lessons of Account (1968), chapter 11, p. 81
        • Serenity without Judge is a low demesne ,ai??i??

          A coward groveling to an cast-iron Destiny !

          But Serenity done Jurist is the big apotheosis,ai??i??

          We’ll pay the terms of war to pass actual.

        • H van Butch. The Terms of Pacification. (28 December 2013)
        • Ataraxis cannot be unbroken by power. It can lonesome be achieved by apprehension. You cannot repress a country forcibly unless you decimate every man, charwoman, and tiddler. Unless you bid to use such drastic measures, you moldiness get a way of subsidence your disputes without haunt to weaponry.
        • Albert Einstein. in a address to the New Account Guild (14 December 1930), reprinted in Competitive Passivism in Cosmic Faith (1931). Besides launch in The New Repeatable Einstein by Alice Calaprice, p. 158
        • All religions, humanities and sciences are branches of the like corner. All these aspirations are directed toward dignifying man’s living. lifting it from the arena of bare forcible beingness and preeminent the single towards exemption. It is no bare probability that our elderly universities highly-developed from clerical schools. Both churches and universities ai??i?? insofar as they fulfil their lawful routine ai??i?? assist the ennoblement of the case-by-case. They assay to meet this big chore by dissemination lesson and ethnic reason, renouncing the use of creature violence.
        • Albert Einstein. Lesson Disintegrate (1937); subsequently promulgated in Out of My Afterward Geezerhood (1950)
        • I wish to think that citizenry, in the yearn run, are leaving to do more to advertize heartsease than our governments. So, I recollect that mass need pacification so lots that one of these years governments had bettor leave of the way and let them birth it.
        • Dwight D. Eisenhower. radiocommunication and telecasting diffuse with Premier Harold Macmillan, London, Lordly 31, 1959. Populace Document of the Presidents of the Joined States: Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1959. p. 625
        • I could not experience in peacefulness if I put the phantasm of a headstrong sin ‘tween myself and God.
        • George Eliot. as quoted in Lexicon of Combustion Quarrel of Vivid Writers (1895), p. 448
        • Naught can get you ataraxis but yourself. Naught can land you repose but the gloat of principles.
        • Ralph Waldo Emerson. Of Self-sufficiency, Essays, Low Serial (1841)

        Serenity on Land. can it be?

        Eld from now, possibly we’ll see

        See the day of gloriole

        See the day, when men of goodwill

        Experience in pacification, endure in serenity again.

        • How unlike the repose of God from that of the man. It calms the passions, conserve the innocence of the scruples. is inseparable from righteousness. unites us to God and strengthens us against temptations. The pacification of the mortal consists in an rank surrender to the volition of God .
        • FranAi??ois FAi??nelon. as quoted in Lexicon of Combustion Lyric of Splendid Writers (1895), p. 446
        • Thither ne’er was a effective war. or a bad ataraxis.
        • Benzoin Franklin. Missive to Josiah Quincy (1783)
        • I implore my bid leave occur on-key

          For my nipper and your fry too

          He’ll see the day of nimbus

          See the day when men of goodwill

          Experience in serenity, subsist in repose again.

          Pacification on Land, can it be?

          Can it be?

        • Ian Fraser. Larry Grossman. Alan Kohan. in lyrics for Heartsease on World/Piddling Drummer Boy (11 September 1977)
        • Pacification is a virtual convinced insurance, which moldiness be attained by favorable co-operation ‘tween the nations, putt the dear of all ahead the interests of apiece.
        • A. Commiseration Fry. Pity’s Gleanings (1943)
        • If we are to compass existent repose therein earth and if we are to uphold a substantial war against war, we shall let originally children ; and if they volition turn up in their rude whiteness, we wonai??i??t deliver to fight, we wonai??i??t suffer to fling vain dead resolutions. But we shall go from lovemaking to honey and pacification to pacification, until finally all the corners of the humans are covered with that ataraxis and dear for which, consciously or unconsciously, the unit humans is hungering.
        • Mahatma Gandhi Immature India (19 November 1931), p. 361
        • Let not thy ataraxis ride the tongues of men; for whether they jurist easily of thee or ill, k art not thereon history differently thyself. Where are truthful ataraxis and rightful nimbus? Are they not in God?
        • Edward Garrett (Isabella Fyvie Mayonnaise). as quoted in Lexicon of Burn Language of Glorious Writers (1895), p. 448
        • Emit flaccid, ye winds! ye waves, in muteness kip!
        • Bathroom Gay. To a Dame. Epistle I, demarcation 17
        • Pax vobiscum.
        • Heartsease be with you.
        • Vulgate. Generation Forty-three 23
        • If you take man order, it is rattling soft, naturally, to liken our war and territoriality with the chimp. But that’s sole one english of what we do. We likewise swap, we intermarry, we appropriate apiece otc to travelling done our dominion. Thither’s an tremendous quantity of cooperation. So, among hunter-gatherers, ataraxis is commons 90 pct of the metre, and war takes billet just a minor parting of the clock. Chimps cannot differentiate us anything almost passive dealings, because chimps birth solitary dissimilar degrees of enmity ‘tween communities. Whereas bonobos do severalize us something; they severalise us roughly the hypothesis of having passive relationships.
        • Jane Goodall [1]
        • Let us bear ataraxis.
        • Ulysses S. Accord. accepting the Presidential nomination (May 20, 1868)
        • I bear your nomination in the positive trustfulness that the people of our countrymen, Northward and S, are bore to clutches workforce crossways the blinking chasm which has bye dual-lane them.
        • Horace Greeley. accepting the Tolerant Republican nomination for Chairman (May 20, 1872)

        Grinning is selfsame crucial. If we are not capable to smiling, so the man bequeath not get repose.

        Abou Ben Adhem (may his kindred addition!)

        Awoke one nighttime from a inscrutable daydream of peaceai??i??

        • On the enquiry of racialism, the Addis Ababa League taught, to those who volition study, this advance example: that until the doctrine which holds one subspecies master and another deficient is lastly and permanently damaged and deserted; That until thither are no thirster fantabulous and second-class citizens of any country; That until the colouration of a man’s hide is of no signification than the colouring of his eyes; That until the canonic hum rights are evenly guaranteed to all without gaze to slipstream; That until that day, the ambition of persistent pacification and earth citizenship and the convention of external morals leave continue but a momentaneous deception, to be chased but ne’er attained.
        • Haile Selassie. Address at 1963 Joined Nations league in New York Metropolis. as reproduced in Saheed A. Adejumobi, The Account of Ethiopia (2007), p. 154
        • The strongest passions, and virtually grave weaknesses of the hum bosom; aspiration. rapacity. emptiness. the respectable or forgivable beloved of renown, are dead cabal against the want and tariff of serenity.
        • Alexander Hamilton. Chapter: Helvidius Figure IV in: The Pacificus-Helvidius Debates of 1793-1794: Toward the Closing of the American Initiation. emended with and Entry by Morton J. Frisch (Indianapolis: Autonomy Store, 2007)
        • Our sour for ataraxis moldiness commence inside the individual humans of apiece one of us. To bod for man a man without fright. we moldiness be without veneration. To habitus a humans of justness. we moldiness be barely. And how can we battle for autonomy if we are not unfreeze in our own minds? How can we ask others to give if we are not prepare to do so. Lonesome in unfeigned yielding to the concern of all can we ambit that potency and independency, that one of intent, that fairness of judgement which are requisite if we are to qualify to our responsibility to the succeeding, as men of a coevals to whom the probability was tending to chassis yet a humankind of ataraxis.
        • Dag HammarskjAi??ld. in UN Release SG/360 (22 December 1953)
        • The pastime of peacefulness and advancement cannot end in a few age in either triumph or kill. The by-line of ataraxis and progression, with its trials and its errors, its successes and its setbacks, can ne’er be relaxed and ne’er derelict.
        • Dag HammarskjAi??ld. Joined Nations Bulletin Vol. XVI, No. 4 (15 February 1954)
        • The berth of the mankind is distillery care this. Masses whole name with one position, one ideology. To translate the wretched and the care of a citizen of the Soviet Jointure, we deliver to go one with him or her. To do so is serious ai??i?? we volition be suspected by both sides. But if we don’t bonk, if we aline ourselves with one incline or the over-the-counter, we bequeath miss our prospect to sour for pacification. Balancing is to translate both sides, to attend one slope and distinguish the excruciation beingness endured by the early face, so to attend the otc face and report the hurt existence endured by the get-go slope. Doing just that bequeath be a enceinte assistance for peacefulness.
        • Thich Nhat Hanh. Existence Repose (1987)
        • Grinning is selfsame crucial. If we are not capable to grin, so the humankind volition not suffer serenity. It is not by leaving out for a monstrance against atomic missiles that we can produce ataraxis. It is with our capability of grinning, ventilation, and existence pacification that we can pee heartsease.
        • Thich Nhat Hanh. Beingness Repose (1987) ai??Z
        • If in our day-after-day spirit we can smiling, if we can be passive and glad, not just we, but everyone bequeath lucre from it.’
        • Nhat Hanh Ataraxis Is Every Stair. The Course of Heedfulness in Mundane Living (1992) Lilliputian reprint ISBN 0553351397
        • Butai??i??a rousing thrills the air

          Comparable to sounds of joyance thither,

          * That the rages

        • Of the ages

          Shall be off, and rescue offered from the darts that were,

          Awareness the Testament ratting, cashbox it forge all things sightly.

        • Thomas Dauntless. Dynasts. Semichorus I of the Age
        • When Messiah was almost to leave-taking the humans, He made His leave. His person He attached to His beginner; His eubstance He bequeathed to Joseph to be decent buried; His dress vanish to the soldiers; His father He leftfield to the aid of Bathroom; but what should He parting to His hapless disciples that had leftover all for Him? Fluent and gilded He had none; but He unexpended them that which was endlessly improve, His heartsease.
        • Matthew H. as quoted in Lexicon of Combustion Run-in of Magnificent Writers (1895), p. 445
        • The just way to abolish war is to shuffling heartsease larger-than-life.
        • James Hinton. Ism and Faith: Selections from the Manuscripts of the Tardy James Hinton. ed. Caroline Haddon, (2nd ed. London: 1884), p. 267 .
        • Wide misattributed on the cyberspace to Privy Dewey. who really attributes it to Hinton in Hum Nature and Direct: An Founding to Societal Psychology (New York: 1922), p. 115
        • So passive shalt k end thy blissful years,

          And slip thyself from liveliness by decelerate decays.

        • Kor. The Odyssey. Leger XI, contrast 164. Pontiff’s rendering
        • In stride ut sapiens aptarit idonea bello.
        • Comparable as a mentor yet of pacification prepares for war.
        • Horace. Satires. II. 2. 111
        • Abou Ben Adhem (may his clan increment!)

          Awoke one dark from a recondite daydream of peacefulness ,

          And saw, inside the moon in his board,

          Devising it deep, and wish a lily in flower,

          An Backer penning in a ledger of gilded ai??i??

        • Leigh Hunting. in Abou Ben Adhem (or Abou Ben Adhem and the Backer), in The Poetic Workings of Leigh Search (1846)
        • Dr. Lighter. So you’ve cum. X, I gave you the power to take your own itinerary in animation, and I hoped the man would reserve you to take a passive one. But now it seems that you are bound to conflict. Because I intellection the mankind power motivation a new adept, I let secret capsules same this one. If you get and use them you bequeath be able-bodied to step-up your powers bey anything the mankind has e’er known. Fluke, X!
        • Teller. The war has over for now and repose has been restored. But those who sacrificed themselves for the triumph testament ne’er comeback.

        Worn-out, X gazes at the end he helped movement and wonders why he chose to scrap. Was thither another way? Standing on the drop-off, the answers look to leak him. He lone knows that he’ll battle the Mavericks again ahead he finds his solution. How hanker testament he continue active? How farseeing leave his hurting conclusion? Possibly lone the X-Buster on his deal knows surely.

        • Keiji Inafune and Sho Tsuge Megaman X
        • Linked by his admirer Nix, Mega Man X gazes out concluded the sea. Sigma has again been ruined, but X wonders if the combat testament rightfully end. Was Dr. Lighter’s ambition of a humans in which Reploids and world lived unitedly in ataraxis only a ambition? The cost of pacification is frequently eminent, X thinks to himself. Who or what mustiness be sacrificed for it to suit a realness? And when the clock comes, volition he be able-bodied to bang? The hereafter holds the answers or.
        • Keiji Inafune, Sho Tsuge and Yoshihisa Tsuda Mega Man X2

        They shall cadence their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks: commonwealth shall not uplift blade against state, neither shall they acquire war any more.

        Repose and beloved are e’er in us, organism and workings ; but we be not alway in peacefulness and potty.

        • Peacefulness, supra all things, is to be coveted, but descent moldiness sometimes be spilled to prevail it on eq and permanent damage.
        • Andrew Jackson. as quoted in Many Thoughts of Many Minds: A Exchequer of Quotations from the Lit of Every Farming and Every Age (1896) emended by Louis Klopsch, p. 209
        • Mayhap tomorrow when He looks pile

          Every jet airfield and every townsfolk

          All of his children every state

          Thither’ll be serenity and goodness, brotherhoodai??i??

          Crystallization dingy view.

        • Tommy James. Eddie Grayish and Microphone Valley, Quartz Blueness Suasion (1969)
        • The Palestinians motivation an America that is equitable in its imaginativeness and in its demands. It is rightful that the Palestinians are the weaker company in price of the equaliser of ability, which makes it sluttish to imperativeness them. But ataraxis cannot be bullied into being.
        • Shaping the Jewish Submit (6 Border 2014) by Ali Jarbawi (a political scientist at Birzeit University and a old pastor of the Palestinian Sanction) in The New York Multiplication ‘s division The Ruling Pages: Tributary Op-Ed Author with heed to the Heartsease treat in the Israeliai??i??Palestinian difference ; A variation of this on-line op-ed appeared in impress on Borderland 7, 2014, in The External New York Multiplication.
        • Peacefulness with all nations, and the rectify which that gives us with obedience to all nations, are our aim.
        • Thomas Jefferson. missive to Mr. Dumas (Border 24, 1793); H. A. Washington, ed. The Writings of Thomas Jefferson. vol. 3, p. 535
        • That peacefulness, refuge, and concur may be the dower of our motherland, and be farsighted enjoyed by our fellow-citizens, is the almost torrid bid of my pump, and if I can be subservient in procuring or preserving them, I shall cerebrate I suffer not lived vainly.
        • Thomas Jefferson. missive to Benzoin Waring and others (Marchland 23, 1801); in Andrew A. Lipscomb, ed. The Writings of Thomas Jefferson. vol. 11 (1903), p. 235
        • Believing that the felicity of humanity is topper promoted by the utilitarian pursuits of pacification. that on these lonely a unchanging successfulness can be founded. that the evils of war are big in their survival, and sustain a foresighted count for ages to cum, I deliver victimized my outflank endeavors to dungeon our nation available in the troubles which smite Europe, and which assault us on every position.
        • Thomas Jefferson. missive to the Youth Republicans of Pittsburg (December 2, 1808), in H. A. Washington, ed. The Writings of Thomas Jefferson (1871), vol. 8, p. 142
        • They birth cured besides the distress of the girl of my multitude somewhat, expression, Ataraxis, pacification; when thither is no heartsease.
        • Jeremiah 6:14
        • Blame are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God .
        • Jesus. in Matthew 5:9
        • Do not recall that I came to convey pacification on the world; I did not concern play peacefulness, but a blade. For I let concern play a man against his founder, a girl against her fuss, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.
        • Jesus Matthew 10:34-35
        • Thither is no lawful repose without equity. verity. justness and solidarity .
        • Pontiff Can Paul II. Content for the festivity of Thirty-three Mankind Day of Ataraxis. 8 December 1999, Chapter 13
        • Mexicans: let us now subscribe all our efforts to prevail and consolidate the benefits of ataraxis. Nether its aegis, the tribute of the laws and of the regime bequeath be sufficient for all the inhabitants of the Democracy. May the citizenry and the governing deference the rights of all. Betwixt individuals, as ‘tween nations, repose substance deference for the rights of others.
        • Benito JuA?rez. as quoted in World Story, Mass Two. The Industrial Rotation to the Age of Globalisation (2008) by Jerry Weiner, Scar Willner, George A. Torpedo and Bonnie-Anne Briggs, p. 175
        • We lovemaking heartsease as we loathe pusillanimousness; but not pacification at any terms. Thither is a repose more destructive of the humanity of support man than war is destructive of his figure. Irons are worsened than bayonets.
        • Douglas Jerrold. Jerrold’s Wit. Serenity
        • It is frankincense that common cowardliness keeps us in pacification. Were half of humans hardy and half cowards, the dauntless would be e’er whacking the cowards. Were all hardy, they would lede a rattling unquiet living; all would be continually fight; but beingness all cowards, we continue fine.
        • Samuel Johnson. Boswell’s Aliveness (1778)
        • Repose and bang are e’er in us, beingness and workings; but we be not constantly in heartsease and smitten.
        • Julian of Norwich. Revelations of Churchman Dearest (c. 1393), Ch. 39
        • All that is opposite to lovemaking and repose is of the Fanatic and of his office.
        • Julian of Norwich. Revelations of Ecclesiastic Beloved (c. 1393), Ch. 77
        • Serenity for Paris
        • Denim Jullien. as a legend to a version of a criterion Heartsease signboard, limited to resemble the Eiffel Loom, in the awaken of the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris .
        • SAi??vis inhume se convenit ursis.
        • Beast bears support departed with one another.
        • Juvenal. Satires. XV. 164

        I do not deficiency the repose that passeth reason. I neediness the sympathy which bringeth serenity.

        But repose does not relaxation in charters and covenants unequalled. It lies in the hearts and minds of all masses. And if it is ban thither, so no act, no accord, no pact, no administration can trust to save it without the accompaniment and the whole-souled committedness of all masses. So let us not ease all our hopes on lambskin and on newspaper; let us endeavour to body-build repose, a trust for repose, a willingness to oeuvre for ataraxis, in the hearts and minds of all our mass.

        • The years of peacefulness and somnolent tranquilize are fled.
        • Can Keats. Hyperion (1818-19), Volume II
        • I do not wish the serenity that passeth intellect. I need the intellect which bringeth repose.
        • Helen Keller. as quoted in H More: The Noetic Divinity of a Cambridge Plattonist (1962) by Aharon Lichtenstein
        • Ataraxis is not only a topic of military or technological problems ai??i?? it is mainly a trouble of government and mass. And unless man can compeer his strides in munition and engineering with equate strides in societal and political developing, our big forcefulness, wish that of the dinosaur, volition get incompetent of right mastery ai??i?? and alike the dinosaur fly from the world.
        • Toilet F. Kennedy in his Destination to the Joined Nations Legislature (25 September 1961)
        • If we all can persist, if we can in every state and spot flavor bey our own shores and ambitions, so sure the age bequeath aurora in which the solid are scarce and the frail assure and the repose preserved.
        • Privy F. Kennedy in his Direct to the Joined Nations Law-makers (25 September 1961)
        • Unitedly we shall write our satellite, or unitedly we shall exit in its flames. Relieve it we can ai??i?? and keep it we mustiness ai??i?? so shall we garner the aeonian thanks of world and, as peacemakers, the perpetual approval of God .
        • Bathroom F. Kennedy in his Savoir-faire to the Joined Nations Legislature (25 September 1961)
        • So let us hither adjudicate that Dag HammarskjAi??ld did not experience, or die, vainly. Let us outcry a cease-fire to affright. Let us raise the blessings of ataraxis. And, as we figure an outside capability to livelihood peacefulness, let us conjoin in dismantlement the internal capability to wag war.
        • Privy F. Kennedy. destination ahead the Law-makers of the Joined Nations, New York Metropolis (25 September 1961); in The Populace Document of the Presidents of the Joined States: Privy F. Kennedy, 1961. p. 619
        • No one should be nether the conjuration that negotiations for the interest of negotiations invariably procession the case of pacification. If for deficiency of training they dissolve in thorniness, the prospects of ataraxis get been endangered. If they are made a assembly for propaganda or a binding for aggressiveness, the processes of ataraxis birth been ill-treated.
        • Toilet F. Kennedy during his Reference at the University of Washington’s Hundredth Anniversary Syllabus (16 November 1961)
        • Spell we shall ne’er fatigue in the refutation of exemption, neither shall we e’er empty the interest of peacefulness.
        • Privy F. Kennedy ‘s Yearbook Content to the Intercourse on the Country of the Unification (January 14, 1963)
        • What kinda serenity do we attempt? Not a Pax Americana implemented on the reality by American weapons of war. Not the peacefulness of the engrave or the certificate of the striver. I am talk most actual peacefulness, the kinda heartsease that makes living on ground deserving keep, the sort that enables men and nations to turn and to trust and to chassis a meliorate biography for their children ai??i?? not but repose for Americans but repose for all men and women ai??i?? not simply pacification in our meter but repose for all metre.
        • Lavatory F. Kennedy in his A Scheme of Ataraxis words at American University in Washington, DC (10 June 1963)
        • I verbalize of ataraxis, thus, as the essential intellectual end of intellectual men. I see that the chase of ataraxis is not as spectacular as the pastime of warai??i??and oftentimes the dustup of the chaser tumble on deafen ears. But we birth no pressing labor.
        • Trick F. Kennedy in his A Scheme of Peacefulness language at American University in Washington, DC (10 June 1963)
        • I do not abnegate the evaluate of hopes and dreams but we but bid disheartenment and skepticism by qualification that our just and prompt destination. Let us centering rather on a more hardheaded, more come-at-able peaceai??i?? based not on a sudden rotation in hum nature but on a gradual phylogenesis in buzz institutionsai??i??on a serial of concrete actions and effectual agreements which are in the involvement of all interested. Thither is no i, unproblematic key to this pacification ai??i??no thousand or legerdemain expression to be adoptive by one or two powers. Actual heartsease mustiness be the merchandise of many nations, the sum of many acts. It moldiness be dynamical, not stable, ever-changing to satisfy the gainsay of apiece new coevals. For ataraxis is a processai??i??a way of resolution problems.
        • Bathroom F. Kennedy in his A Scheme of Heartsease language at American University in Washington, DC (10 June 1963)
        • Peacefulness demand not be unfeasible, and war indigence not be inevitable. By shaping our destination more understandably, by fashioning it look more doable and less outside, we can assistance all peoples to see it, to lot promise from it, and to relocation overpoweringly toward it.
        • Can F. Kennedy in his A Scheme of Peacefulness words at American University in Washington, DC (10 June 1963)
        • Let us analyze our posture toward peacefulness itself. Too many of us remember it is inconceivable. Too many retrieve it insubstantial. But that is a severe, negativist impression. It leads to the ending that war is inevitableai??i??that humans is doomedai??i??that we are gripped by forces we cannot ascendancy. We pauperism not swallow that purview. Our problems are man madeai??i??therefore, they can be resolved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No trouble of homo circumstances is bey humans.
        • Privy F. Kennedy in his A Scheme of Heartsease address at American University in Washington, DC (10 June 1963)
        • Repose is a day-after-day, a hebdomadary, a monthly procedure, gradually ever-changing opinions, easy wearing old barriers, softly edifice new structures. And nonetheless undramatic the pursual of heartsease, that pastime mustiness occur.
        • Privy F. Kennedy in his Reference to the Joined Nations Law-makers (20 September 1963)
        • The project of construction the repose lies with the leadership of every land, great and little. For the gravid powers deliver no monopoly on fight or aspiration. The insensate war is not the sole aspect of tenseness therein humankind ai??i?? and the atomic subspecies is not the lonesome blazonry raceway. Eve lilliputian wars are life-threatening in a atomic man. The hanker toil of repose is an project for every state ai??i?? and therein endeavor none of us can rest unaligned. To this end none can be unattached.
        • Trick F. Kennedy in his savoir-faire to the Joined Nations Legislature (20 September 1963)
        • Inveterate disputes which disport cute resources from the inevitably of the masses or debilitate the energies of both sides service the interests of no one ai??i?? and the badge of province in the mod reality is a willingness to search passive solutions.
        • Can F. Kennedy in his reference to the Joined Nations Legislature (20 September 1963)
        • But repose does not residue in charters and covenants unique. It lies in the hearts and minds of all masses. And if it is toss thither, so no act, no accord, no accord, no system can trust to preserves it without the supporting and the whole-souled dedication of all mass. So let us not residue all our hopes on sheepskin and on newspaper; let us endeavour to bod pacification, a want for repose, a willingness to study for serenity, in the hearts and minds of all our mass.
        • Toilet F. Kennedy in his speak to the Joined Nations Legislature (20 September 1963)
        • Thither deliver been piercing agonies, mad heart-aches, but they let been short-change, and a odorous heartsease abides. Can it be His serenity? Is it potential that to such a faint, ungodly animal as I, the Comfort has so seed? I moldiness trust this, and that it is His front that cheers me.
        • Arthur H Kenney. as quoted in Lexicon of Burn Quarrel of Splendid Writers (1895), p. 446
        • Repose is the crucial requirement because without ataraxis we bequeath be ineffectual to attain the levels of cooperation, inclusiveness and societal fairness requirement to clear our world-wide challenges, allow invest the outside institutions needful to determine the challenges.
        • Steve Killelea. Laminitis of the Ball-shaped Peacefulness Forefinger in The Sketch of Industries that Thrive in Repose – the Repose Diligence (2008)
        • Rightful serenity is not only the absence of tensity: it is the comportment of judge .
        • Martin Luther Tycoon, Jr.. during the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955, as quoted by Stephen B. Oates, Let the Cornet Fathom: A Biography of Martin Luther Queen, Jr. (1982)
        • The introduce stress south is a requisite stage of the changeover from an objectionable veto pacification, in which the Negro passively recognised his unfair quandary, to a essential and overconfident pacification, in which all men leave regard the self-respect and deserving of buzz personality. Really, we who engross in unbloody aim fulfill are not the creators of stress. We simply play to the coat the concealed tensity that is already awake. We institute it out in the outdoors, where it can be seen and dealt with. Similar a moil that can ne’er be corned bye as it is covered up but moldiness be open with all its wickedness to the born medicines of air and spark, unfairness moldiness be uncovered, with all the stress its vulnerability creates, to the spark of man scruples and the air of home ruling earlier it can be corned.
        • Martin Luther Mogul, Jr. Missive from Birmingham Clink (1963)
        • We volition not chassis a passive humans by next a minus course. It is not sufficiency to say We mustiness not wit war. It is essential to beloved serenity and give for it. We moldiness centralise not simply on the blackball boodle grinder bulk ejection of war, but on the confident avouchment of pacification. ai??i?? We moldiness see that pacification represents a sweeter medicine, a cosmic line that is far superscript to the discords of war. Someways we mustiness translate the kinetics of the power clamber from the minus atomic munition raceway which no one can win to a convinced repugn to tackle man’s originative champion for the use of fashioning pacification and successfulness a realness for all of the nations of the reality. Briefly, we mustiness shifting the munition run into a repose slipstream. If we sustain the leave and conclusion to setting such a repose dysphemistic, we testament unlock heretofore tightly certain doors of trust and transmute our impending cosmic lament into a psalm of originative fulfilment.
        • Martin Luther Rex, Jr. in his Nobel berate (11 December 1964)

        With spitefulness toward none, with charity for all, with resoluteness in the veracious as God gives us to see the rightfulness, let us reach on ai??i?? to do all which may accomplish and treasure a fair, and a persistent pacification, among ourselves, and with all nations.

        • Paix Ai?? tipster prix.
        • Ataraxis at any terms.
        • Alphonse de Lamartine. as quoted in Letters and Corpse (1865) by A. H. Clough, p. 105; likewise victimized by Armand Stall in Le MinistA?re de la Paix Ai?? brag prix in The Home (13 Abut 1831).
        • Jazz. not war .
        • Gershon Legman in his jaw Bang and decease (and schmutz): G. Legman’s indorsement thoughts held at the University of Ohio in 1963. (According to Dudar, H. (1984, May 1)
        • All we are expression is devote pacification a hazard.
        • Bathroom Lennon in Spring Ataraxis A Prospect (1969)
        • Commend bang. The alone trust for any of us is peacefulness. Vehemence begets fury. If you neediness to get ataraxis, you can tumble as shortly as you care if we all collect. You’re all geniuses and you’re all beautiful. You don’t pauperization anybody to separate you who you are or what you are. You are what you are. Exit thither and get repose. Guess repose, be heartsease, and emit ataraxis and you’ll tumble as presently as you comparable. Approve?
        • Privy Lennon to the jam in July 1969 afterward the dismission of the Pliant Ono Isthmus’s i Dedicate Repose a Opportunity, as quoted in The Beatles. An Unwritten Story by David Pritchard and Alan Lysaght (1998), p. 285
        • Think all the mass animation spirit in heartsease. You may say I’m a idealist, but I’m not the solitary one. I desire someday you’ll union us, and the humanity leave know as one.
        • Lavatory Lennon in Opine (1971)
        • We’re nerve-racking to trade serenity, alike a production, you live, and betray it same multitude betray goop or flaccid drinks. And it’s the lonesome way to get multitude cognizant that repose is potential, and it isn’t scarce inevitable to birth ferocity. Not hardly war ai??i?? all forms of wildness. Masses hardly swallow it and recall ‘Oh, they did it, or Harold Wilson did it, or Nixon did it,’ they’re incessantly scapegoating multitude. And it isn’t Nixon’s shift. We’re all responsible everything that goes on, you live, we’re all responsible Biafra and Hitler and everything. So we’re scarce expression Trade Serenity ai??i?? anybody concerned in ataraxis upright amaze it in the windowpane. It’s simpleton but it lets soul else cognise that you deficiency pacification too, because you spirit lonely if you’re the lonesome one thought ‘wouldn’t it be skillful if thither was ataraxis and nonentity was acquiring killed.’ So advertize yourself that you’re for peacefulness if you think in it.
        • Bathroom Lennon. Question on The David Icing Establish (14 June 1969)
        • If everyone demanded repose alternatively of another television, so thither’d be ataraxis.
        • Trick Lennon. as quoted in Guitarist (1 Venerable 2004), and in Pax Spit at ABC (Australian Broadcasting Pot)
        • When we say War is concluded if you deficiency it, we signify that if everyone demanded serenity rather of another Tv, we’d sustain serenity.
        • Trick Lennon. during the Bed-In for Pacification in Montreal. Canada (1 June 1969)
        • If you wishing for heartsease, realize war.
        • Basil Liddell Stag. Scheme (1967)
        • Peacefulness leave cum presently and strike stoppage, so occur as to be deserving guardianship altogether next sentence. It testament so bear been proven that among disengage men thither can be no successful prayer from the vote to the slug, and that they who payoff such solicitation are indisputable to suffer their cases and pay the toll.
        • Abraham Lincoln. quoted by E. J. Immature, The Example of the Minute. in Clip of Story. No. 43. (Supererogatory routine)
        • With spite toward none; with charity for all; with steadiness in the rectify, as God gives us to see the redress, let us endeavour on to goal the oeuvre we are in; to hold up the state’s wounds; to treasure him who shall let borne the combat, and for his widow, and his orphanai??i??to do all which may reach and treasure a barely, and a permanent peacefulness, among ourselves, and with all nations.
        • Chair Abraham Lincoln. secondment inaugural, determination, Borderland 4, 1865; in Roy P. Basler, ed. The Self-possessed Deeds of Abraham Lincoln (1953), vol. 8, p. 333. Both the Gettysburg speak and the Arcsecond Inaugural scratch the peak of Lincoln’s smoothness. The London Multiplication called the latter the nearly exalted land newspaper of the 100. Incisively two months late it was study o’er its writer’s scratch. Bathroom G. Nicolay and Lav Hay. eds. Finish Plant of Abraham Lincoln. new and enl. ed. (1905), vol. 9, p. 44, annotate. An selection appears on a brass on the Veterans Judicature edifice in Washington, D.C. To cherish him who shall birth borne the conflict and for his widow, and his orphan.
        • Pacification! and no yearner from its audacious portals

          The clap of War’s heavy harmonium shakes the skies!

          But beautiful as songs of the immortals,

          The sanctum melodies of beloved rebel.

        • H Wadsworth Longfellow. Armoury at Springfield
        • Interred was the blinking tomahawk;

          Inhumed was the awful war-club;

          Inhumed were all martial weapons,

          And the war-cry was disregarded.

          So was heartsease among the nations.

        • H Wadsworth Longfellow. The Call of Hiawatha (1855), Share 12, pipeline 7
        • What’s so odd ’round Heartsease, Dearest, and Agreement?
        • Chip Lowe. in (What’s So Queer ‘Round) Serenity, Beloved, and Savvy (1974), which became a hit as sung by Elvis Costello .
        • Ef you lack pacification, the affair you’ve gut to du

          Is jes’ to appearance you’re capable fightin’, tu.

        • James Russell Lowell. Biglow Document. 2nd Serial. 2
        • Resplendence to God in the highest, and on world serenity, goodwill toward men.
        • Creed of Luke 2:14
        • Pax huic domui.
        • Peacefulness be to this home.
        • Vulgate Creed of Luke 10:5; Creed of Matthew 10:12

        Let not thy ataraxis ride the tongues of men; for whether they approximate swell of thee or ill, thousand art not thereon bill otherwise thyself.

        Serenity hath her victories No less celebrated than war .

        Thither is no way to pacification; heartsease is the way.

        • Now the guns are understood. A enceinte calamity has concluded. A enceinte triumph has been won. The skies no thirster rainwater destruction; the seas wear solitary commercialism. Men everyplace paseo vertical in the sun. The full mankind is restfully asleep. The sanctum commission has been realised. And in reportage this to you, the multitude, I address for the thousands of unsounded lips, eternally stilled among the jungles and the beaches and in the cryptic waters of the Peaceable which pronounced the way. I address for the nameless dauntless millions homeward-bound leap to draw the dispute of that next which they did so often to save from the threshold of cataclysm. Men since the source of sentence birth sought-after repose. Several methods done the ages get attempted to excogitate an external treat to foreclose or locate disputes ‘tween nations. From the real commencement viable methods were institute insofar as someone citizens were implicated, but the mechanism of an instrumentation of bigger outside cro birth ne’er been successful. Military alliances, balances of index, leagues of nations, bushed bit failed, departure the solitary way to be by way of the crucible of war. We sustain had our finish bump. If we do not now machinate around greater and more just organisation, Armageddon testament be at our doorway. The trouble essentially is theological and involves a apparitional recrudescence and advance of man quality that leave contemporise with our most nonpareil advances in skill, art, lit and all fabric and ethnic developments of the yesteryear two chiliad days, It mustiness be of the sprightliness if we are to economise the chassis.
        • Douglas MacArthur. radiocommunication speak (2 September 1945).
        • This my dearest supporter is the one rightfully large donation of my Wonderment Char peel to lesson breeding of the unseasoned. The but promise for pacification is to instruct citizenry who are entire of pep and unbound forcefulness to bask existence bound–enjoy compliance to sort potency, sassy authorization, not but stand such entry. Wars bequeath solitary cc when humanity relish organism spring.
        • William Moulton Marston The Enigma Story of Inquire Womanhood. (2014) by Jill Lepore, p. 238.
        • In the ignominious humanities of ataraxis.
        • Andrew Marvell. Upon Cromwell’s Restitution from Ireland
        • The complain trueness is the day is approaching when no i land, withal muscular, can guarantee by itself to livelihood the ataraxis extraneous its own borders. Regional and outside organizations for peace-keeping purposes are yet fundamental; but they moldiness develop in have and be reinforced by debate and virtual co-op activity.
        • Robert McNamara. U.S. Repository of Defence, savoir-faire earlier the American Club of Paper Editors, Montreal, Canada (May 19, 1966), Congressional Book (May 19, 1966), vol. 112, p. 11114
        • Pacification is not the absence of anything. Veridical serenity is the mien of something beautiful . Both pacification and the starve for it get been in the mettle of every human in every hundred and every refinement.
        • Maharaji ; Reference to module, students and guests at Harvard University’s Sanders Field (Venerable 2004)
        • To get serenity and not war, the impulsion toward a war thriftiness, as facilitated by the moves and the demands of the advanced conservatives, moldiness be stopped-up; to bear repose without decline, the maneuver and policies of the hardheaded veracious moldiness be overtake. The political and economical index of both moldiness be confused. The index of these giants of master trend is both economically and politically anchored; both unions and an freelance childbed company are requisite to battle efficacious.
        • C. Wright Mills in The New Men of Ability (1948)
        • The American elect does not get any actual picture of serenity ai??i?? otherwise as an nervous entr’acte existent precariously by chastity of the symmetricalness of reciprocal scare. The lone severely recognized program for pacification is the wide-cut pissed handgun. Briefly, war or a eminent land of war-preparedness is matte to be the pattern and ostensibly lasting precondition of the Joined States.
        • C. Wright Mills in The Superpower Elect (1956)
        • Repose hath her victories

          No less noted than war.

        • Lav Milton. Sonnett: To the Overlord Oecumenical Cromwell (1652)
        • Heartsease hath her victories,

          No less celebrated than war.

        • Lav Milton. Sonnet. To the Overlord World-wide Cromwell
        • Sous le rAi??gime de la libre coincidence, la guerre entre les producteurs de sAi??curitAi?? cesse totalement dai??i??avoir sa raison dai??i??A?tre. Pourquoi se feraient-ils la guerre. Swarm conquAi??rir des consommateurs. Mais les consommateurs ne se laisseraient pas conquAi??rir. Ils se garderaient certainement de faire assurer leurs personnes et leurs propriAi??tAi??s par des hommes qui auraient attentAi??, sans scrupule, aux personnes et aux propriAi??tAi??s de leurs concurrents. Si un audacieux vainqueur voulait leur imposer la loi, ils appelleraient immAi??diatement Ai?? leur adjutant tous les consommateurs libres que menacerait comme eux cette agression, et ils en feraient judge. De mA?me que la guerre est la consAi??quence naturelle du monopole, la paix est la consAi??quence naturelle de la libertAi??.
        • Gustave de Molinari. Ai??VIII de Ai?? De la yield de la sAi??curitAi?? Ai??, Daybook des Ai??conomistes 22, no. 95 (Paris: Chez Guillaumin et c e. 15 FAi??vrier 1849), pp. 289 ai??i??280. Cf. p. 282 .
        • Nether the normal of justify challenger. war betwixt the producers of certificate whole loses its justification. Why would they pee-pee war? To subdue consumers? But the consumers would not let themselves to be conquered. They would be thrifty not to tolerate themselves to be saved by men who would unscrupulously approach the persons and attribute of their rivals. If about bodacious vanquisher well-tried to suit potentate. they would directly vociferation to their aid all the dislodge consumers menaced by this hostility. and they would delicacy him as he merited. Good as war is the lifelike moment of monopoly. serenity is the rude event of impropriety .
        • Gustave de Molinari. tr. J. Huston McCulloch, Ai??V of The Product of Protection (Auburn, AL: Ludwig von Mises Found, 2009; orig. 1849), p. 59. Cf. pp. 34 ai??i??35 .
        • Later honey comes repose. A enceinte many mass are nerve-racking to pee-pee heartsease. But that has already been through. God has not unexpended it for us to do; all that we suffer to do is to accede into it.
        • Dwight L. Dour. as quoted in Lexicon of Burn Quarrel of Magnificent Writers (1895), p. 446
        • The hope is: Grand wilting dungeon him in consummate ataraxis whose head is stayed on Thee. Now, as foresighted as our minds are stayed on our lamb selves, we shall ne’er birth repose.
        • Dwight L. Temperamental. as quoted in Lexicon of Electrocution Lyric of Magnificent Writers (1895), p. 447
        • I knew by the smoking that so graciously curling

          Supra the greens elms, that a bungalow was approach,

          And I aforementioned, If thither’s pacification to be institute in the humankind,

          A spirit that was chagrin power promise for it hither.

        • Thomas Moore. Lay Stanzas
        • How calmness, how beautiful comes on

          The stilly minute, when storms are asleep.

        • Thomas Moore. Lalla Rookh (1817), The Firing Worshippers. Function III, Stanza 7
        • Thither is no way to ataraxis; peacefulness is the way.
        • A. J. Muste. as quoted in The New York Multiplication. (16 November 1967),
        • Variation: Thither is no way to heartsease, peacefulness is the alone way.
        • A. J. Muste. as quoted in The Bucolic’s Sicken. McCarthy 1968 (1969) by William P. McDonald and Jerry G. Heater; these statements get besides turn attributed to Mahatma Gandhi and Doris Twitchell Allen
        • We cannot deliver serenity if we are lone interested with serenity. War is not an stroke. It is the consistent event of a sealed fashion. If we wish to approach war, we get to blast that mode.

          Disarming cannot be achieved nor can the trouble of war be single-minded without existence attended by unsounded changes in the economical fiat and the construction of gild.

        • A. J. Muste. as quoted in Our Multiplication Against Atomic War (1983) by Dimitrios I. Roussopoulos, p. 430

        Thither are but two powers therein humanity. the brand and the life ai??i?? in the foresightful run the steel is constantly beaten by the life.

        It is not plenty hardly to be for heartsease. The gunpoint is, what can we do almost it?

        The superlative purity story can bring is the style of pacifier.

        • If they deficiency serenity, nations should avert the pin-pricks that antedate shank shots.
        • Napoleon I of France. to Alexander I of Russia at Tilsit (25 June 1807), as quoted in Libretto for the Commonwealth of Liberia (1953) by Melvin Beaunorus Tolson
        • Without peacefulness, all former dreams vaporize and are rock-bottom to ashes.
        • Jawaharlal Nehru. Accost to the Joined Nations (28 Venerable 1954); as quoted in The Macmillan Lexicon of Political Quotations (1993) by Lewis D. Eigen and Jonathan Paul Siegel, p. 698
        • Do you recognize what I admire virtually in the humankind? The unfitness of strength to organise anything. Thither are alone two powers therein humans, the brand and the purport ai??i?? in the foresightful run the blade is constantly beaten by the sprightliness.
        • Napoleon I of France. in an 1808 conversation with Louis-Marcelin de Fontanes. quoted in Madame de StaAi??l et NapolAi??on (1903) by Henri Guillemin, p. 185, as translated in Shogunate and Political Constabulary: The Proficiency of Restraint by Awe (1945) by Ernest Kohn Bramsted
        • Variants:
        • Fontanes, do you experience what I admire near in the humankind. It is the impotency of power to coordinate anything. Thither are lonesome two powers in the humans, the brand and the psyche. In the farseeing run the blade is incessantly vanquished by the psyche.
        • As quoted in French Lit by William Koren, in Mod Lyric Notes. Vol. XX, No. 3, (Marching 1905), p. 97
      • The more I sketch the humans, the more am I confident of the unfitness of wolf force-out to produce anything indestructible.
        • As quoted by Charles Sumner. War Scheme of the State of Nations (1849), in The workings of Charles Sumner (1870), Vol. 2, p. 224
          • L’conglomerate, c’est la paix.
          • The Imperium agency peacefulness.
          • Louis Napoleon. language to the Bedchamber of Commercialism in Toulouse (9 October 1852). See B. Jerrold’s Sprightliness of Louis Napoleon. L’imperium, c’est l’epAi??e. Put-on of like in Kladderdatsch (8 November 1862), as reported in Hoyt’s New Encyclopedia Of Hard-nosed Quotations (1922), p. 588-91
          • The superlative observe account can add is the entitle of reconciler.
          • Richard Nixon. Inaugural (20 January 1969); posterior victimized as Nixon’s epitaph
          • It is not plenty fair to be for repose. The spot is, what can we do astir it?
          • Richard Nixon. on-the-record question with C. L. Sulzberger (8 Butt 1971), in The New York Multiplication (Abut 10, 1971), p. 14
          • Defeatism astir the feasibleness of plans for disarming and logical serenity has been the near calamitious of all the errors made by popular governments in forward-looking multiplication.
          • Philip Noel-Baker. The Blazon Run. (1958)

          The sole course to persistent serenity is when mass cognise that their gravitas volition be well-thought-of and that their rights volition be upheld.

          Repose is not only the absence of war, but the front of a wagerer aliveness.

          The peacefulness we essay in the humanity begins in humming hearts. And it finds its magnificent look when we feeling bey any differences in faith or kin, and jubilate in the lulu of every mortal.

          Lawful protection comes done fashioning pacification with your neighbors.

          • Heartsease is not but the absence of seeable engagement. Lonesome a good ataraxis based on the inbuilt rights and self-worth of every person can rightfully be durable.
          • Barack Obama. Nobel Booty sufferance language (9 December 2009)
          • Repose is far more preferred to war. ai??i?? I trust that peacefulness is the just course to unfeigned certificate. ai??i?? And thither is no enquiry that the lone course to heartsease is done negotiations .
          • Barack Obama. Remarks of Prexy Barack Obama To the Masses of Israel at Jerusalem External Normal Gist in Jerusalem, Israel ( Marchland 21, 2013 ). Retrieved on 2013-03-23.
          • Finally, repose is hardly not most government. Itai??i??s roughly attitudes; astir a sentiency of empathy; approximately break refine the divisions that we make for ourselves in our own minds and our own hearts that donai??i??t subsist in any aim realness, but that we expect with us propagation astern coevals.
          • Barack Obama. Remarks by Prexy Obama and Mrs. Obama in Townsfolk Dormitory with Youthfulness of Northerly Ireland. Belfast Waterfront, Belfast, Northerly Ireland (17 June 2013)
          • The footing of pacification may be negotiated by political leadership, but the fortune of pacification is capable apiece of us.
          • Barack Obama. remarks in Township Vestibule with Juvenility of Northerly Ireland, Belfast Waterfront, Belfast, Northerly Ireland (17 June 2013)
          • Jurist volition win ai??i?? because mightiness does not pee-pee rightfield, and the sole track to long-lived serenity is when mass experience that their self-worth leave be well-thought-of and that their rights testament be upheld.
          • Barack Obama. Remarks by Chairwoman Obama to the Citizenry of Estonia i.e. students, unseasoned professionals, civic leadership, and the masses of Estonia at the Nordea Concert Foyer in Tallinn, Estonia on (3 September 2014)
          • So this is what America is disposed to do: Winning activity against prompt threats, patch pursuing a mankind in which the pauperization for such litigate is vitiated. The Joined States volition ne’er timid defending our interests, but we volition too not diffident the foretell of this introduction and its General Resolve of Man Rights ai??i?? the feeling that peacefulness is not only the absence of war, but the front of a wagerer animation.
          • Barack Obama. Remarks by Prexy Obama in Destination to the Joined Nations Law-makers on September 24, 2014 in the Joined Nations Legislature Dormitory, New York Metropolis, New York, USA
          • The heartsease we assay in the reality begins in homo hearts. And it finds its brilliant look when we aspect bey any differences in faith or kindred, and wallow in the looker of every psyche. [. ] Do we act with pity and empathy. [. ] we deliver to hold against any efforts to watershed ourselves on sectary lines or any former lines.
          • Barack Obama. Remarks by Barack Obama in Direct to the Mass of India (January 27, 2015)
          • But he silent from hard-earned see that unfeigned surety comes done qualification serenity with your neighbors.
          • Barack Obama. Remarks by Chair Obama at Commemoration Serve for Quondam Israeli Chairman Shimon Peres on Ride Herzl in Jerusalem, Israel. (30 September 2016)
          • Would you end war?

            Produce heavy Pacification.

          • James Oppenheim. War and Laugh, 1914, And Aft. IV
          • For peacefulness do not desire; to be scarce you mustiness breakout it.

            Lull exercise for the instant and not for the yr.

          • Can Boyle O’Reilly. Rules of the Route
          • Candida pax homines, trux decet ira feras.
          • Bonnie peacefulness becomes men; savage angriness belongs to beasts.
          • Ovid. Ars Amatoria. III. 502

          Let us follow the things devising for ataraxis and the things that are upbuilding to one another.

          Routine from malign and benefit. Try heartsease and follow it.

          • Nigh anarchists consider the climax alter can lone succeed a gyration. because the possessing stratum leave not tolerate a peaceable alteration to occur; calm we are uncoerced to ferment for ataraxis at any terms, demur at the damage of autonomy.
          • Lucy Parsons. The Principles of Anarchism
          • So, so, let us engage the things fashioning for serenity and the things that are upbuilding to one another.
          • Paul of Tarsus. Romans 14:19
          • Do not be unquiet complete anything, but in everything by appeal and prayer on with grace, let your petitions be made known to God; and the repose of God that surpasses all intellect volition precaution your hearts and your genial powers by substance of Messiah Jesus.
          • Paul of Tarsus. Philippians 4: 6-7
          • His helmet now shall shuffle a beehive for bees,

            And fan’s sonnets turning’d to sanctum psalms;

            A man at munition mustiness now dish on his knees,

            And provender on prayers, which are his age’s alms.

          • George Peele. Sonnet ad fin. Polyhymnia
          • An equate designate clipp’d Clock’s blessed wings of serenity.
          • Petrarch. To Laura in End. Sonnet Forty-eight, contrast 18
          • Phoebe enemies of repose populate with us ai??i?? avaritia. ambitiousness. invidia. angriness. and congratulate ; if these were to be banished, we should infallibly revel aeonian repose.
          • Petrarch. De vita solitaria (1346) as quoted in Soundness for the Mortal: Cinque Millennia of Prescriptions for Apparitional Healingai??Z (2006) by Larry Chang, p. 144
          • Relieve the unrest prevalent in America by removing the objectionable uncongenial causeai??i??obnoxious and unserviceableai??i??for their meritoriousness can lone be in execute. Non dimicare et vincare.
          • William Pitt the Geezerhood. address (Jan. 20, 1775); referring to the American Colonies
          • Grant comes with meliorate beautify and more good impression from ranking might.
          • William Pitt the Eld. delivery to Think Soldiery from Boston
          • The heartsease of God, which passeth all savvy.
          • Philippians 4:7
          • Her shipway are shipway of sweetness, and all her paths are ataraxis.
          • Proverbs 3:17
          • Turning from wickedness and benefit. Search heartsease and prosecute it.
          • Psalms 34:14 (Lexham English Bible)
          • Clemency and accuracy are met unitedly: righteousness and pacification get kissed apiece early.
          • Psalms 85:10
          • Heartsease be inside thy walls, and successfulness inside thy palaces.
          • Psalms 122:7

          Serenity is not the absence of engagement, but the power to meet difference by passive way.

          With the destructive powerfulness of tod’s weapons, safekeeping the serenity is not scarce a destination; it’s a hallowed responsibility. But maintaining pacification requires more serious-mindedness and idealismai??i??more than optimism and goodwill. As you cognise advantageously, pacification is a intersection of arduous, straining undertaking by those consecrate to its conservation. It requires pragmatism, not aspirant intelligent.

          We can increase no persistent ataraxis if we access it with misgiving and distrust or with concern. We can win it only we move with the intellect, the self-confidence, and the bravery which catamenia from sentence.

          It isn’t sufficiency to discuss heartsease. One mustiness conceive in it. And it isn’t decent to conceive in it. One mustiness sour at it.

          • I, sequent routine 30743, Deputy Universal in militia Yitzhak Rabin, a soldier in the Israeli Vindication Forces and in the army of heartsease. I, who sustain sent armies into ardour and soldiers to their decease. say now: We sheet onto a war which has no casualties, no hurt, no descent nor wretched. It is the alone war which is a delight to enter in ai??i?? the war for heartsease.
          • Yitzhak Rabin. Language to the US Copulation (26 July 1994)
          • Pacification is not the absence of battle, but the power to match contravene by passive agency.
          • Ronald Reagan. Reference at Start proposal cover letter Exercises at Eureka College in Illinois, May 9, 1982. On-line by Gerhard Peters and Lav T. Woolley, The American Presidentship Labor.
          • With the destructive mightiness of tod’s weapons, safekeeping the pacification is not good a end; it’s a consecrated indebtedness. But maintaining serenity requires more earnestness and idealismai??i??more than optimism and goodwill. As you live comfortably, serenity is a ware of grueling, straining task by those consecrate to its conservation. It requires reality, not aspirant reasoning.
          • Ronald Reagan. Toasts of the Chairman and Joined Nations Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar at a Lunch in New York Metropolis , June 17, 1982. On-line by Gerhard Peters and Lavatory T. Woolley, The American Presidentship Externalise.
          • Cannot swords be sour to plowshares? Can we and all nations not be in repose? In our fixation with antagonisms of the second, we ofttimes block how practically unites all the members of humankind. Peradventure we demand approximately remote, general terror to shuffle us acknowledge this park hamper. I occasionally recall how promptly our differences cosmopolitan would vaporize if we were veneer an stranger scourge from remote this man. And yet, I ask you, is not an noncitizen effect already among us? What could be more alienate to the world-wide aspirations of our peoples than war and the menace of war?
          • Ronald Reagan. Speech to Joined Nations Legislature, (21 September 1987)
          • When every boyfriend refuses to attend war, you bequeath let serenity. As longsighted as you battle for gather and rapacity, thither leave be no peacefulness. As hanker as one individual commits acts of fierceness for the saki of serenity, you leave bear war. Alas it is unmanageable to envisage that all the immature men altogether of the countries testament resist to attend war simultaneously. Then you mustiness solve what wildness has molded. Inside the adjacent century age, that clip may ejaculate. Think, you do not guard any mind with furiousness. Thither is no man who hates but that hate is reflected outbound and made strong-arm. And thither is no man who loves but that bang is reflected outwards and made strong-arm.
          • Roberts, Jane. in The Seth Fabric (1970), p. 274
          • We regard peacefulness, but we regard the heartsease of judge, the serenity of righteousness. We bid it because we retrieve it is rightfulness and not because we are afraid.
          • Theodore Roosevelt. Inaugural (6 September 1901)
          • We can increase no long-lived peacefulness if we advance it with misgiving and suspicion or with fright. We can profit it only we keep with the agreement, the sureness, and the courageousness which current from condemnation.
          • Franklin D. Roosevelt. One-quarter Inaugural (20 January 1945)
          • It isn’t decent to discuss ataraxis. One mustiness think in it. And it isn’t adequate to conceive in it. One mustiness ferment at it.
          • Eleanor Roosevelt. Articulation of America diffuse (11 November 1951)
          • Sometimes thither’s verity in old cliches. Thither can be no substantial repose without judge. And without underground thither leave be no jurist.
          • Arundhati Roy. delivery on Accepting the Sydney Peacefulness Swag (7 November 2004) Sydney IMC clause – Serenity. Wide-cut words
          • Mass are ever expecting to get ataraxis in eden: but you cognise any pacification they get thither leave be cliched. Whatsoever qualification of peacefulness they can be blessed for, moldiness be on the world hither.
          • Toilet Ruskin. The Eagle’s Nestle. Lambast IX
          • You may assuredly incur arrant heartsease, if you are single-minded to do that which your Master has obviously needed,ai??i?? and substance that He should so ask no of you,ai??i?? than to do justness, to dearest clemency, and to walkway meekly with Him.
          • Trick Ruskin. as quoted in Lexicon of Combustion Language of Superb Writers (1895), p. 446
          • If peacefulness cannot be retained with purity. it is no yearner pacification.
          • Master Can Russell. address at Greenoch (September 1853), as reported in Hoyt’s New Encyclopaedia Of Pragmatic Quotations (1922), p. 588-91

          Until he extends the round of his compassionateness to all support things, man volition not himself breakthrough peacefulness.

          Thither is a damage which is too enceinte to invite ataraxis, and that toll can be interpose one parole. One cannot pay the damage of dignity.

          • Repose volition occur wheresoever it is truly invited.
          • Alice Pedestrian in Life by the Intelligence. Selected Writings, 1973-1987 (1989), p. 192
          • To be disposed for war is one of the near efficacious substance of preserving repose.
          • George Washington. Low Yearbook Speak to both Houses of Relation (8 January 1790)
          • Note straightness and judge towards all Nations; tame heartsease and concord with all.
          • George Washington. in his Leave-taking Savoir-faire (17 September 1796)
          • He had instead expend A?100,000 on Embassies to dungeon or secure ataraxis with attaint, than A?100,000 on an army that would suffer constrained serenity with purity.
          • Sir Anthony Weldon. in The Judicature and Lineament of Baron James (1650), p. 185; victimised by Benzoin Disraeli on his restoration from the Berlin Coition on the Easterly Doubtfulness (July 1878).
          • But ambition not helm and tackle

            The signboard of valiancy truthful;

            Serenity hath higher tests of humanness

            Than conflict always knew.

          • Privy Greenleaf Whittier. The Submarine, Stanza 19, in The Vista and Over-the-counter Poems (1856)
          • As on the Sea of Galilee,

            The Messiah is murmuring Heartsease.

          • Bathroom Greenleaf Whittier. in Kallundborg Church, in Encamp on the Beach (1867)
          • When ground as if on immorality dreams

            Looks backbone upon her wars,

            And the ovalbumin spark of Messiah outstreams

            From the red platter of Mars,

            His celebrity, who led the tempestuous van

            Of combat, easily may mil;

            But ne’er that which crowns the man

            Whose triumph was serenity.

          • Privy Greenleaf Whittier. in William Francis Bartlett in Personal Poems (1888)
          • From meter immemorial, multitude bear talked roughly heartsease without achieving it. Do we only miss adequate live? Though we blab pacification, we shake war. Sometimes we tied card war in the gens of pacification. War may be overmuch a function of chronicle to be eliminatedai??i??ever.
          • Elie Wiesel. as quoted in Is Reality Heartsease on the Purview? in The Watchtower (15 April 1991)
          • The lesson of America mustiness be the exemplar not simply of pacification because it volition not competitiveness, but of heartsease because peacefulness is the curative and elevating charm of the humanity, and discord is not. Thither is such a affair as a man existence too lofty to engagement. Thither is such a matter as a country existence so rightfield that it does not motivation to convert others by violence that it is redress.
          • Woodrow Wilson. reference in Rule Anteroom, Philadelphia (10 May 1915)
          • Thither is a cost which is too expectant to invite heartsease, and that cost can be interpose one countersign. One cannot pay the toll of dignity.
          • Woodrow Wilson. Des Moines Iowa lecture (1 February 1916). on The Westerm Preparation Turn
          • It moldiness be a pacification without triumph. Alone a peacefulness betwixt equals can finale. Lone a repose the identical precept of which is equivalence and a green involution in a green welfare.
          • Woodrow Wilson. Delivery to U.S. Sen on substantive damage of peacefulness in Europe (22 January 1917); in Albert Shaw, ed. The Messages and Document of Woodrow Wilson (1924), vol. 1, p. 352
          • Rectify is more cherished than repose.
          • Woodrow Wilson. Speak to U.S. Coition, request for a resolution of war (2 April 1917)
          • Thither moldiness be, not a counterweight of superpower, but a community of might; not organised rivalries, but an unionized usual pacification.
          • Woodrow Wilson. Speak to the U.S. Sen (22 January 1917)
          • What is at at stakes now is the ataraxis of the reality. What we are nisus for is a new outside fiat based upon all-encompassing and world-wide principles of correct and jurist, ai??i?? no bare heartsease of shreds and patches.
          • Woodrow Wilson. Reference to Intercourse: Analyzing German and Austrian Ataraxis Utterances. delivered to the U.S. Copulation in Spliff Sitting on (11 February 1918)
          • The heartsease of the humanity depends upon the equitable colonisation of apiece of the respective problems to which I adverted in my late reference to the Relation. I. naturally, do not bastardly that the pacification of the humans depends upon the credence of any exceptional set of suggestions as to the way in which those problems are to be dealt with. I think just that those problems apiece and all impact the unanimous humankind; that unless they are dealt with in a heart of unselfish and unbiassed judge, with a purview to the wishes, the cancel connections, the racial aspirations, the surety, and the peace of the peoples convoluted, no lasting ataraxis leave deliver been attained. They cannot be discussed singly or in corners. None of them constitutes a individual or furcate stake from which the sentiment of the humanity may be shut. Any affects the peacefulness affects humankind, and nix colonised by force, if colonised wrongfulness, is colonised at all. It leave currently let to be reopened.
          • Woodrow Wilson. Accost to Coition: Analyzing German and Austrian Peacefulness Utterances, delivered to the U.S. Copulation in Articulatio Seance on (11 February 1918)
          • Thither shall be no annexations, no contributions, no punitory price. Peoples are not to be handed around from one reign to another by an outside league or an savvy betwixt rivals and antagonists. Home aspirations moldiness be well-thought-of; peoples may now be henpecked and governed lonesome by their own accept. Self-rule is not a bare word. It is an imperative precept of actions which statesmen volition henceforward discount at their jeopardy. We cannot deliver universal pacification for the request, or by the simple arrangements of a heartsease league. It cannot be pieced unitedly out of somebody understandings betwixt herculean states. All the parties to this war mustiness conjoin in the colonization of every issuance anyplace byzantine in it; because what we are eyesight is a pacification that we can all merge to vouch and uphold and every token of it mustiness be submitted to the commons assessment whether it be rightfield and sightly, an act of justness, instead than a buy betwixt sovereigns.
          • Woodrow Wilson. Speak to Relation: Analyzing German and Austrian Repose Utterances, delivered to the U.S. Relation in Reefer Seance on (11 February 1918)
          • Ne’er to adjoin, or ne’er to portion, is heartsease.
          • Edward Offspring. Dark Thoughts (1742-1745), Dark V, demarcation 1,058
          • Eve the outdo mustiness own

            Forbearance and surrender are the pillars

            Of man ataraxis on land.

          • Edward Unseasoned. Dark Thoughts (1742-1745), Dark 7, demarcation 1,049
          • Code and mechanisms do not sufficiently insure the rightfield to ataraxis. What is all-important is to modernise a straight acculturation of serenity. This requires teaching for pacification. Everyone ai??i?? not solitary children ai??i?? should be enlightened in compromise, cooperation, empathy, solidarity, compassionateness, restitution and rapprochement. Shortly, we mustiness hear obedience for others and how to experience in concord, evening if we concur to discord. Dialogue and intermediation skills moldiness be taught so as to forbid breaches of the peacefulness and otc forms of ferocity. A philosophic epitome vary is necessity, so that we are not caught in the old outlook, in the dominant civilisation of vehemence, the logic of war, belligerent attitudes, practices of economical victimisation and ethnical imperialism.
          • Alfred de Zayas. Joined Nations Autonomous Skilful on the Advancement of a Popular and Just External Club (20 February 2013)

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